Cinetrain: unique cinema journeys

Meet the Cinetrain 2014 participants!

Dear applicants,

It has been a real pleasure to receive and read all your amazing applications. We went through 219 applications from 49 (!) countries from all over the world. During the last weeks we discovered so much talent and energy! We met a generation of young filmmakers which is more than promising.

It has been hard and heartbreaking to select among you the participants that will take part in the next Cinetrain, but we had to make choices.

Some of the selected participants are already established professionals, some others are fresh out of filmschool, some are working more on fiction, while others are dedicated to documentary filmmaking, some are young, some are older… We have and will always look for diversity among participants.

If you are not in the list below, that doesn’t mean your application wasn’t as good as the others, really! And we really hope that you will submit an application for the next project. Meanwhile, we will keep an eye on you and your successes on the cinema scene worldwide. We are all part of the Cinetrain family, a generation of adventurous and dedicated cinema professionals and that is really really heartwarming.

The list below can be subject to small changes and additions, and we will keep you updated.

So here we go.


The selected directors are:

  • Aleksandr Ratiy (Ukraine)
  • Chi-Huan Cheng (Taiwan)
  • Maurice O’Brien (Ireland)
  • Arkaitz Basterra Zalbide (Spain)
  • Anne Hovad Fischer (Denmark)
  • Maxim Kuphal-Potapenko (Germany)
  • Gorana Jovanovic (Serbia)


The selected directors of photography are:

  • David Newbert (USA)
  • Chetan Raghuram (India)
  • Daniel Balint (Hungary)
  • Arnab Gayan (India)
  • Sam Goldwater (UK)
  • Garry Torrance (UK)
  • Georgi Georgev (Bulgaria)

The selected sound directors are:

  • Guy Fixsen (UK)
  • Rodrigo Boecker (Brazil)
  • Adam Newns (UK)
  • Yulia Glukhova (Russia)
  • Vladimir Rizun (Ukraine)

 (More to be announced soon)

The selected composer is:

  •  Eduard Konovalov (Russia)

The selected editors are:

  • Dimitris Tolios (Greece)
  • Mikhail Kazakov (Russia)

Congratulations to you all! Welcome aboard!