Cinetrain: unique cinema journeys

Cinetrain: Russian Winter on Vimeo on Demand

CINTERAIN is arriving to its last stop after a long festival journey charged with 33 awards from over 200 festivals all over the world. But this shouldn’t be the end of this exciting trip. Starting from November 15, 2016 Cinetrain: Russian Winter will become available for global audiences on Vimeo On Demand.

We would like to share with everyone the amazing work of 21 filmmakers from 14 countries. They roughed it in the 3rd class carriage driven by curiosity and passion. Now you can see the Russian Winter through their eyes and share with your friends (watch out for bears and get enough vodka for the complete experience)!

Not only will you be able travel 10 000 kilometres through the Russian winter in mere 90 minutes but you will also immensely help us with the new edition of the project. Planned for 2017 the project is looking for financing and every kopek we’ll get from you will be put to good use. If you’ve already watched this documentary maybe you can consider a charitable donation to support independent filmmaking in Russia which is very needed at the moment…
And of course, please share this news with your friends and families through facebook and all other possible means.

CINETRAIN to the people!