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The Cinetrain Frequently asked questions


When is the next CINETRAIN going to take place?

As of November 2016, a new team for CINETRAIN has already been selected. The next call for participant shouldn’t be expected earlier than 2018. To stay up to date, you can suscribe to our facebook page.

Who is eligible?

  • You have never attended a previous edition of the CINETRAIN.
  • You are fluent in English.
  • You fill in the application form correctly and fully in English and payed the application fee. In case you are selected as participant, please be aware that your data will be published on our website as provided by you in the “presentation” section of your application.
  • You work or study in the areas of documentary filmmaking, direction, cinematography, editing, sound design, composing, visual art or animation.
  • You have worked on at least one short film that has received a prize and/or has been selected for an international film festival, OR you have worked on a film of at least 60 minutes in length, OR you are a student in your final year at a film school. OR you are a student of film at a post-graduate level.

Our application lists the detailed terms and conditions to qualify for the CINETRAIN. Please take time to read it carefully.

Is there an age limit?
There is no maximum age. You must, however, be at least 18 years old at the time of the CINETRAIN.

Can I attend the CINETRAIN a second time? 
You may only participate in the CINETRAIN one time.

Do I have to be at or have attended a film school? 
No academic education or degree is necessary. Filmmakers with different professional backgrounds are welcome, as long as they are committed to pursuing a career in film. If you are currently in film school, please only apply if you are in your FINAL YEAR, or if you are in a post-graduate programme.

Can we apply as a team?
We do NOT accept team applications. Each applicant is registered individually and with a separate (and different) sample of work. In case you were working on the same production as another applicant, every member of the team must apply as an individual according to his/her field of work. For the CINETRAIN, it is the individual who is selected, and not the film.

How much does it cost?
Participating in the Cinetrain is FREE OF CHARGE. We will transport you, feed you, get you equipment and shelter you all along the way. The only cost that is upon you is the plane ticket from your home country to and back from Moscow, as well as the visa expenses. A partial travel (from and to the participant’s home country) and visa expenses may in some cases be offered to some participants who are not Russian and do not reside in Russia. The amount will be then determined on an individual basis and at the discretion of the CINETRAIN.

How can I apply for the CINETRAIN?
The application must be done online. Simply read through the information on our website (when the “apply now section will be open, around 6 to 8 months before the start of the project). You will be asked to provide some contact and personal information as well as upload or send a sample of your work. To complete your application, you must fill out the form and submit your sample before the deadline mentioned in the participation conditions. After registration of your application, you will receive a personal application number

What should I include in my submission along with my sample of work?
What you must send depends on the field of work you choose. In most cases, you should only send your sample of work by uploading it to a video platform like Vimeo or youtube. Unless instructed to do so, please do NOT send any additional documentation, curriculum vitae, press or promotional material, photographs, etc. All the information we need MUST be filled out by yourself in the application form.

What is a sample of work? Is there any other option than a film to submit as my sample of work?
A sample of work highlights your skills in your chosen field of work. For most applicants, it will be a short film or a film excerpt max. 3 minutes long. It can be a full story, an excerpt of an existing film or a showreel. Your film may be on any topic you wish, however we ask that you stay within the time limit. For certain fields of work, we have provided other submissions guidelines in the application directly for example, sound designers/film music composers may send in five minutes of audio. Please read through the application carefully and never hesitate to contact us should you have doubts or questions.

Only ONE sample of work for the general application will be considered per applicant.

What should my sample of work be about? 
The selection committee will base much of their decision on how you represent yourself in your sample of work. There is no specific theme or required subject, please feel free to submit a sample that represents your creativity and professionalism. PLEASE NOTE that we can consider only ONE SAMPLE of your work. If you send in several samples, you will NOT be considered by the selection committee.

Is there any alternative way to apply other than the online application?
No. The only way to apply for the CINETRAIN is through the form found on this website.

How will I be notified about the selection for the Cinetrain?
We will notify you per e-mail. The selected participants’ names will be published on our website after the final selection, 4 to 5 months before the start of the project. Applicants that are not selected, will not be notified that they were not selected.

Can I change files that have already been uploaded?
No, so be sure not to upload the wrong files when filling up the application!

In which format can I send my film as a sample of work? 
We recommend that you upload your film to the Vimeo video platform, enabeling the possibility to download it, for us to be able to use it further on during the project.

We do NOT accept any other format.

Do the end credits count toward the total duration of the sample of work? 
No. The film itself may have duration of approx. 3 minutes and the credits are considered as a separate attachment.

I have not received an automated confirmation e-mail after I registered for an application number. What should I do?
If you do not receive an automated confirmation e-mail within 48 hours after filling out the registration form for an application number, please notify so we can manually check our database to see whether your online entry has been processed or not. Please do NOT fill in a second application.

Can you specify what “a portion of travel costs” will amount to?
The amount a participant will receive will be determined after the selection process is completed. The amount varies from person to person and is determined at the discretion of the Cinetrain organization team. Accommodation. transport during the project and food will be provided free of charge to participants. Further information will be communicated on a case-by-case basis.

What about the rights on the produced movies during the event?

All participants will receive a contract, prior to their participation and will sign it upon the begining of the project, to clear out legal issues.

The rights on the produced movie-novels are owned by MiruMir Studio and MVMT FIlms who will take upon them the distribution in festivals or cinema theatres and eventual sales of the full feature film composed of the different novel. However promotion in festivals of the movie-novel separatly, will be upon the director of each short film. Such promotion can only begin after the world premiere of the feature film composed of the different novels. MiruMir and Moviement reserve themself the right to select from the novels, which ones will be part of the feature film.