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Date of completion: May 2013
Format: HD
Running time: 13″15′
Language: Russian
Subtitles: English


hat is the Russian Bania, and what is it that makes russians love this odd entertainment and dubiously healthy activity. An anonymous man’s personal journey through the process of preparing and experiencing the classic Russian bania, and the general russian public that tries to explain why they can’t live without it.


fter watching this film I hope that audiences will at least feel like giving it a try, for whatever reasons, mystical, physical, or just for fun, because we in Russia believe, that the Bania is all those things and more.

– Fyodor Druzin, Director of “Banya”


Fyodor Druzin (Russia) - Director of "Banya"

Fyodor Druzin (Russia) – Director of “Banya”

Fyodor Druzin Born in St Petersburg, Russia, Fyodor Druzin began his career as a photographer in Boston, USA before returning to his native Russia to pursue the first of two Masters degrees. During his first Masters in Journalism Management he began experimenting with video cameras, which led him to pursue his second Masters in Filmmaking at London Film School. He has directed shorts, music promos, viral campaigns and documentaries in Russia and the UK, including the documentary short THE EXPAT (2011) and music promos BUTCHERS BOY (2012, Mazarine Blue, UK) and BLUEBIRD (2012, Bekarov, Rus). Fyodor is currently Managing Director of Curb Denizen Productions which has current projects in Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Australia and the UK whilst also consulting for Russian film festivals to promote the next generation of contemporary Russian cinema.

Luca Giberti (Italy) - DP of "Banya"

Luca Giberti (Italy) – DP of “Banya”

Luca Giberti (next change text) is an independent documentary filmmaker who graduated in 2010 with a distinction for an MA documentary degree at the Goldsmiths University of London. Since his graduation he has been working on a range of projects, such as directing documentary films for children, working as a freelance editor and director of photography, creating a multi-screen documentary installation and conducting documentary workshops across London. He is experienced at making films with hugely diverse groups of people including children, homeless teenagers and elderly people suffering from dementia. He has worked for the national Belgian television station ‘Canvas’ and has screened his worked at different festivals and art galleries in Europe. He is a self-shooter and editor who owns his own equipment.

Tamas Jeszenszky (Romania) - Soundie of "Banya"

Tamas Jeszenszky (Romania) – Soundie of “Banya”

Tamás Jeszenszky, born in Miercurea Ciuc, Romania. First got interested in photography during high school and went to film school in Cluj Napoca to become a cinematographer. Shortly after being admitted he started working on a few projects as a location recordist and remained in that field ever since, even after graduation, working on various projects ranging from commercials, documentaries and feature length films as a freelance location recordist and sound editor.

The film is being submitted to film festivals now.
Coming soon to a festival near you!

Directed and edited by Fyodor Druzin
Image by Luca Giberti
Sound and Mix by Tamas Jeszenszky

Produced by Tanya Petrik and Guillaume Protsenko

Production assistants: Alina Lobzina, Alexandra Marchenko, Ekaterina Okhonko

With: …

MIRUMIR studio,

With the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Special thanks to Mr Epifanov.

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