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Gypsy Cab

Across the former Soviet Union, anywhere you stop and put out your hand a car will stop and offer to take you on your journey. These impromptu taxis are called ‘gypsy cabs’ and to many they offer the only way of making a living and keeping above the breadline. Gypsy Cab takes a look at three very different gypsy cab drivers from Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. It shows how daily life remains a struggle in the post-Soviet world and the innovative ways people cope with it.

Date of completion: January 2010
Format: HD
Running time: 15″00′
Language: Russian
Subtitles: English

Cinetrain has been challenging and enlightening, exhausting and uplifting in equal measure.

– James Rogan, Director of “Gypsy Cab”.


James Rogan, director of “Gypsy Cab”

James Rogan  is an award-winning producer/writer/director best known for his international documentaries, his acclaimed short film _The Open Doors_ with Michael Sheen and his breakthrough feature Dead Bolt Dead.

Stefan Neuberger, DP of "Gypsy Cab"

Stefan Neuberger, DP of “Gypsy Cab”

Stefan Neuberger  (*1983, Nürnberg) studied at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and is living and working in Berlin, Germany. He is working as an director as well as a cinematographer for documentary, experimental and fiction cinema.

  • 2011 Edinburgh International Film Festival – Official selection

Directed and edited by Tomas Sheridan
Image by Joona Pettersson
Sound and Mix by Elena Petrosyan
Visual effects: Dimitris Tolios / Tomas Sheridan

Produced by Tanya Petrik and Guillaume Protsenko

Production assistant: Ekaterina
First assistant director: Timur Yuldashev


MIRUMIR studio & MVMT Films

With the support of the Union of Filmakers of the Russian Federation.

With the support of: