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Fairytale of the Three Bears

Date of completion: May 2013
Format: HD
Running time: 11″24′
Language: Russian
Subtitles: English


rom Russia’s northern tundra to the lakes of Eastern Siberia, three men share their fairytale of Soviet times.


his film is like Lawrence of Arabia, but in Murmansk…

– Tristan Daws,
Director of “Fairytale of the Three Bears”.

Tristan Daws (UK) - Director of "Fairytale of the Three Bears"

Tristan Daws (UK) – Director of “Fairytale of the Three Bears”

Tristan Daws is a documentary filmmaker from London. He trained as a theatre director at London’s Drama Centre before studying direction at the National Film and Television School. His films have been widely screened at international film festivals, including Berlinale, HotDocs, Sheffield Doc/fest, Visions du Réel and Silverdocs, recently winning best film in the Shooting People awards, judged by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Nicolas Philibert. Tristan is also the musical director of the London School of Samba.

Stephan Bookas (Germany) - DP of "Fairytale of the Three bears"

Stephan Bookas (Germany) – DP of “Fairytale of the Three bears”

Stephan Bookas was born in the heart of Bavaria, brought up between two worlds – the rural tranquility of the hops growing region “Hallertau” contrasting with the bustling life of America’s East Coast metropolises. Studied graphic design in Munich, working in print and screen, before being enticed by the moving image and drawn to London to further develop my eye for the frame. Next to writing and the enjoyment of being part of films in the making, music is one of my great outlets. My first feature as a cinematographer, “Trans Bavaria” was in cinemas last year and now, after Cinetrain, I’m working on the follow up film which will be shooting later in 2013. I am also developing my first feature as writer/director at present.

Vladimir Rizun (Ukraine) - Soundie of "Fairytale of the Three bears"

Vladimir Rizun (Ukraine) – Soundie of “Fairytale of the Three bears”

Vladimir Rizun (Sound director from Ukraine).

2013 Asiana ISFF

Directed and edited by Tristan Daws
Image by Stephan Bookas
Sound and Mix by Vladimir Rizun

Produced by Tanya Petrik and Guillaume Protsenko

Production manager: Alina Lobzina
Production assistants: Ekaterina Okhonko, Alexandra Marchenko

Music by Dean Rosen
Colorist: lojos Pataki

With: Vasiliy Shemenev, Alexander Yefimovskiy, Vyacheslav Nenov, Galina Nenova, Alevitna Bukina and Municipal Folklore Theatre “Raznotsvetye” (Tomsk)

MIRUMIR studio,

With the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Special thanks to Mr Epifanov.

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