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Date of completion: April 2013
Format: HD
Running time: 18″59′
Language: Russian
Subtitles: English

Amovie about an iconic vehicle and a few of its last remaining drivers, “Lada” takes you on a Russian journey. It explores people’s affinity to a vehicle that stereotypically is considered as one of the worst in the world. A humorous and intimate insight told from behind the steering wheel.


 I’ve always liked the simplicity and humorous nature of the LADA car. A car that is so stereotypically wrong cannot be anything else than interesting to a documentary filmmaker.

- Dieter Deswarte,
Director of “Lada”.

Dieter Deswarte (Belgium) Director of "Lada"

Dieter Deswarte (Belgium) Director of “Lada”

Dieter Deswarte is an independent documentary filmmaker who graduated in 2010 with a distinction for an MA documentary degree at the Goldsmiths University of London. Since his graduation he has been working on a range of projects, such as directing documentary films for children, working as a freelance editor and director of photography, creating a multi-screen documentary installation and conducting documentary workshops across London. He is experienced at making films with hugely diverse groups of people including children, homeless teenagers and elderly people suffering from dementia. He has worked for the national Belgian television station ‘Canvas’ and has screened his workes at different festivals and art galleries in Europe. He is a self-shooter and editor who owns his own equipment.

Annegret Sachse (Germany) DP of 'Lada"

Annegret Sachse (Germany) DP of ‘Lada”

Annegret Sachse is a cinematographer and filmmaker who graduated from the University of Leipzig with an MA in Art History in 2008. She later moved on to study Cinematography at FAMU International in Prague as well as at the University for Film and TV Konrad Wolf in Potsdam Babelsberg. Equally involved in documentary and fiction projects, she has a preference for the experimental.

Yulia Glukhova (Russia) - Sound Director of "Lada"

Yulia Glukhova (Russia) – Sound Director of “Lada”

Yulia Glukhova graduated from VGIK’s (Russian State University of Cinematography) sound department in 2012, as a specialist in Sound Direction for Film and TV.

She works on short features, documentaries and animations at all stages of production and as a dialog and effects editor on feature films. She is interested most of all in sound design.

The film is being submitted to film festivals now.
Coming soon to a festival near you!

Directed and edited by Dieter Deswarte
Image by Annegret Sachse
Sound and Mix by Yulia Glukhova

Produced by Tanya Petrik and Guillaume Protsenko

Production assistants: Alina Lobzina, Alexandra Marchenko, Ekaterina Okhonko

With: Vsevolod Mityaev, Liza Mityaeva, Anton Nalivaiko, Maxim Porgebnyak, Paulina Tyukavina, Andrei Zianbetov, The family Melnikov, Svetlana Shataeva .

MIRUMIR studio,

With the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Special thanks to Mr Epifanov.

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