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Cinetrain: Russian Winter (2013)



Cinetrain Russian Winter Map

Cinetrain: Russian winter visited Moscow, Murmansk, Saint-Petersburg, Kotlas, Tomsk & Olkhon Island.

Cinetrain: Russian Winter is the third edition of Cinetrain. It took place in January 2013 on the way from Moscow and back, through the Russian North and Siberia and took 21 participants from 14 countries through 15500km of Russian winter by train! Within a month and with average temperature around -15°C, they shot and edited 7 short documentaries shedding a new light at common stereotypes about Russia.

It’s safe to say that this edition of Cinetrain was the most extreme so far!

We visited 6 cities: Moscow, Murmansk, Saint-Petersburg, Kotlas, Tomsk and Khuzhir (Baikal Lake)

The participants made 7 movies covering the most common stereotypes about russia:


The "Bear" team at work

The “Bear” team at work

21 participants from 14 different countries were carefully selected from more than 200 applications.

Yulia GlukhovaLuca GibertiSandhya Daisy SundaramFyodor DruzinTristan DawsVladimir RizunMarcin KnyziakHenri d'ArmancourtStephan BookasAlexei PhilippovCristina PicchiSaulius LukoševičiusXavier ThieulinJoona PetterssonAnnegret SachseDieter DeswarteTamas JeszenszkyBernadett Tuza-RitterJohn CraineBenny JabergRobin Dimet

That’s 7 Directors, 7 Directors of photography, 6 sound directors, 1 editor. They were gathered in 7 teams.

Tanya PetrikGuillaume Protsenko

Guillaume Protsenko & Tanya Petrik, producers of the project couldn’t organize such a big project without some help:

Ekaterina OkhonkoAlina LobzinaAlexandra Marchenko
Ekaterina Okhonko, Alina Lobzina, Alexandra Marchenko where essential elements of the production process.

The making of team was much more than that…
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The Cinetrain: Russian winter would have never been possible without the personnal support of Mr Epifanov

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